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Science Objectives Summary
Measurement and analysis objectives of the fluxgate magnetometer.

Online Data
Polar MFE Interactive Data Display
Interactively display or retrieve Polar data in 1 minute, 6 second or 8 s/s resolutions.
Polar Orbit Plots
Interactively draw plot of Polar orbit.
Correlative data from the WIND, ACE and IMP8 spacecraft
1 minute averaged data from the WIND and ACE magnetometers and solar wind plasma analyzers and the IMP 8 magnetometer.

Timing Conventions
All data are tagged with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Internal to its programs UCLA uses a time word that is the number of elapsed seconds since January 1, 2000. This internal time word is in Ephemeris Time and accounts for leap seconds. It is our policy to time tag all averages of the data with their center times. For example the six-second data are 12-second averages tagged at their center times. The 120ms data are not averaged and are tagged at the time they were measured.

More information on systems of time can be found at the US Naval Observatory Website.

Analysis Intervals

Collaborative Data Analysis Intervals
Intervals of special scientific significance chosen for joint analysis.

Key Parameters
Polar MFE Key Parameter (KP) Descriptions
Description of key parameters used in fluxgate magnetometer.

CDAWeb - Full ISTP Key Parameters (ISTP Investigators only)
Goddard Space Flight Center's ISTP data server.

Interball-Tail Key Parameters
Russian Space Research Institute's data server for the Interball-Tail Probe mission.

Solar Wind
Latest SOHO Solar Wind Measurements (Univ. Maryland)
Measurements of solar wind parameters at the Lagrangian point.

SOHO Solar Wind Data by Carrington Rotation (Univ. Maryland)
Retrospective measurements of the solar wind.

Current Solar Wind Conditions from WIND (Rice)
Measurements that can used to now? cast? the magnetospheric response when they are available (about 1 hours delay).

Science Product Resources
Tsyganenko Magnetic Field Models (The Goddard Modeling Group)
Empirical models of the magnetospheric magnetic field that can be used to compare with the Polar observations.

Science "nuggets" from the ISTP program.

Space Physics Data Availability Catalog
Summary of the kinds and extent of data now available in the current space physics flight programs.

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